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GTU Syllabus

Review of Mathematical Theory: 
Sets, Functions, Logical statements,Proofs, relations, languages, Mathematical induction, strong principle,Recursive definitions

Regular Languages and Finite Automata:
Regular expressions, regular languages, applications, Automata with output-Moore machine, Mealy machine, Finite automata, memory requirement in a recognizer, definition, union, intersection and complement of regular languages.Non Determinism Finite Automata, Conversion from NFA to FA, NULL- Non Determinism Finite Automata Conversion of NFA- NULL to NFA and equivalence of three Kleene’s Theorem, Minimization of Finite automata Regular And Non Regular Languages – pumping lemma

Context free grammar (CFG): 
Definition, Unions Concatenations And Kleen’s of Context free language Regular grammar, Derivations and Languages, Relationship between derivation and derivation trees, Ambiguity Unambiguous CFG and Algebraic Expressions BacosNaur Form (BNF), Normal Form – CNF

Pushdown Automata, CFL And NCFL: