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Alan Turing

Happy Birthday Alan Turing

Father of "Theory of Computations"
1912 - Born on June 23, Warrington Crescent, 2, London W9, UK.

1922 - Studied at the Preparatory School of Hazelhurst.

1926 - He attended high school at Sherborne School in Dorset.

1931 - He began to study mathematics at Kings College, Cambridge.

1935 - He was elected an associate member of Kings College.

1936 - Publishes his most important theoretical work: On computable numbers with an application for Entsheidungsproblem. From this work, fundamental to modern computer science. Moved from Cambridge to Princeton University, USA, to continue his research.

1938 - concluded his doctoral thesis: Systems of logic based on ordinals. He returned to his seat in Kings.

1939 - He started to live at Bletchley Park, the first day of the second guerra.Começa decipher the codex of the naval version of the Enigma machine. Banburismus invented and designed the Bombe.

1940 - Completes first bombe, named Victoria, located in Cabin 8.